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  • Torquil

    As i am sure all the ppl here r also on the psi ill just link u to the the blog i made on the psi wiki!

    read that

    so i will be starting the same consept on this wikia 

    bu the TEAM 1: graphics and picture will be handeld by me

    TEAM 2: Grammar and spellings by teleK01

    and TEAM 3 by the group leader and Headmasters

    if u have aby other suggestion plz comment bleow

    ...i will be putting this plan into action soon till just wait and see which group or groups u want to be a part of 


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  • Torquil

    Hi! Just some doubts...

    March 1, 2013 by Torquil

    Hi! to all my fellow wikia members, I m Torquil and i'll be very pleased to hear ur thoughts on this blog. Well a little about myself:

    • I am actually from another wikia which is called One piece wikia and i am an active member there science 4th dec 2012
    • I am currently 15 years old going to become 16 on june 30th.
    • And for those of u who dont know nickname is tortilla
    • I am currently lerning Ergo which is in other words energy manuplation
    • i am a total newbee to this Psionics system and would like to lern a lot from you and help u if in any way i can
    ==Well i came to this site to learn more about Ergo but when i read my first task it required me to do this by myself...i was just wondering that i might not have joined the right group as my sol…

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