Hi this is my hypothesis concerning whether or not people can learn an ability without practicing. I called it the Experience Hypothesis because If someone is in the theta 8hz range they are in the state for acquiring new information. The information specifically is an experience of it happening willing the user to believe they can do it and enhance their ability. This may need to be done over a few weeks but, they should be able to do at least some of the weakest techniques after using this. The principle that this works on is that if you properly stimulate the right parts of the brain with an imaginary experience, you will be learning that skill.

for instance pyrokinesis:

1. Relax and get into a meditative state.

2. Using headphones, play the binaural beats.

3. When you are a few minutes into the binaural beats, start thinking about candle burning.

4. Smell the smoke, feel the warmth, see the light from the candle.

5 Imagine yourself willing the candle to do something, go up or down, side to side etc.

6. Remember to feel the changes as well.

7. Do this for a few minutes until you are satisfied and start working with larger flames like fireplaces or bonfires.

When you feel you have succeeded in this, imagine creating fire inside your mind and other more advanced techniues.

This is a work in progress Hypothesis that does not have a lot of evidence but over the coming weeks I will be conducting experiments to see any change in abilities. Anyone who wishes to help with this is welcome and should leave it in the comments below.