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  • DaPowerofDaMind

    Hi this is my hypothesis concerning whether or not people can learn an ability without practicing. I called it the Experience Hypothesis because If someone is in the theta 8hz range they are in the state for acquiring new information. The information specifically is an experience of it happening willing the user to believe they can do it and enhance their ability. This may need to be done over a few weeks but, they should be able to do at least some of the weakest techniques after using this. The principle that this works on is that if you properly stimulate the right parts of the brain with an imaginary experience, you will be learning that skill.

    for instance pyrokinesis:

    1. Relax and get into a meditative state.

    2. Using headphones, play t…

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  • DaPowerofDaMind

    This is just an announcement to tell all you elemental mentors out there that if you need any help leave it on my message wall. Depending on where you are it may take a while for me to reply due to difference in time. So yeah. Well anyway, bye and remember not to post any questions in the comments because I probably won't check. o.O

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  • DaPowerofDaMind

    This is my progress page about my progress with geokinesis. So yeah.

    Can make the stone move towards my hand, but otherwise it's going a bit slow. Started psychokinesis and energy manipulation to help with the moving. Sand shouldn't be a problem because I'm a natural at hydrokinesis (and as I discovered recently, cryokinesis). More updates coming soon. If anyone has any helpful tips leave them in the comments

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