Umbrakinesis is the metaphysical manipulation of shadows. Darkness exists when there is a certian lack of photons. Therefore, umbrakinesis is the repulsion of photons. Repulsive fields can be around an area, object and even a living being. This happens when a field of polarity is created, equal to that of a photon.


Umbrakinesis Symbol

What is a Photon?Edit

A photon is an atomic particle which transmits light (electromagnetic spectrum)

Light can exist in many different colors, depending on the wavelength of the photon partictle. The lowest frequency would show a red color while the hightest color would show violet

Photons also have polarization (Read Lumokinesis) and Repulsion which is the idea of umbrakinesis

Myths on UmbrakinesisEdit

Some people believe that umbrakinesis is the ability to control some magical, dark, evil energy like Raven from Tean Titans. Another myth about umbrakinesis is the ability to "shadow travel." Shadow travel is the ability or idea that one can travel through shadows, like a quantum portal or teleportation. The last myth on umbrakinesis is the ability to see "shadow people," spirits in human form but that only exists as shadows.

Theory of UmbrakinesisEdit

One theory of umbrakinesis is invisibility. This has not been proven. Invisibility is the ability to refract photons at an exact 100% rate, while maintaining their direction.