Its time for a Psionic Scientists Assignment, this one is an interesting one.

Research QuestionEdit

Can you learn a skill without actually practising, and more so can you learn it without knowing (excluding inborn abilities)?

Research TeamEdit

This is the hand pciked team for this ``Challenge`` if you will

  • ML88
  • DarkSlayerKnight
  • vvbb18
  • HeroOfTheEightChakras
  • All one
  • DaPowerofDaMind

Our Current ResearchEdit

  • (Added by HeroOfTheEightChakras) It would come to me as no suprise that abilities self develop because of our natural physical ability to constantly change. You've seen it everyday, you mature just that much a day, a week, a year even. Another example of this is when you grow older and older and taller and taller. The experience of life and aging is always there, you grow tall till you finally stop. you keep aging due to self development in your bodies natural structure, and if it happens on a physical level, it must happen on a spiritual level too. i haven't gone into any research yet but i will improve on this example. if you wish to contribute to my example and add on feel free. now off to researching this.
  • (Added by ML88) I found a site that can explain a few things, I thought it was okay i want you guys to tell me what you think about the linkin the comments.