Hello there, I am Stormmer and I had came up with an idea which was later approved by ML88. A tournament, just to spice up things a bit. Basically we are going to get all the competitors together and and have them spar eachother for a suprise prize. The spar will be energy/aura related, or whatever you prefer to call it, not astral due to the disability of some to AP. Bilocation is allowed.


  • No major physical/spiritual/mental injury
  • Permanent or painful effects would preferably be avoided
  • Anything else that is out of the common ethics


There will be three stages, every stage defined by a particular set of rules. The first stage will have a special rule made by ML88 (like 'no shields' or 'no elemental attacks' etc.). Basically every single round will have another particular rule given by ML88, based on what he wants. The second stage/ semifinals will be defined by Seeking's rules. The finals will be defined by my (Stormmer's) rules.


All the places are full. The matches have been chosen with

Here is your sequence:
4 5
7 2
3 1
6 8

Timestamp: 2013-05-12 16:48:47 UTC

Round 1

Vegeta vs All One - All One won - rule: no elemental attacks

Hero vs Torquil - Torquil won- rule: no shields

Avinious vs Torque/TrustyPistol - Avin won - rule : resilience test

Round 2

Round 3


  1.  Torquil\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\^_^ 
  2. -The Caretaker (talk) (Avinious)
  3. HerooftheEightChakra
  4. Vegeta8390
  5. Torque007
  6. LostOne13
  7. All One
  8. Neptune3

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