This this the Psionics Page. This will have an explanation of what Psionics is, and why it is a force for good as well as how it can help you in the real world.

Symbol of Psionics

What is Psionics?Edit

Psionics is the use of your mind`s own power to manipulate objects, energies and even to a point reality itself (or at least your perspective of it). Psionics is a science which takes a lot of practice and dedication in order to acheive greatness in it. Psionics can be easy for some people (becuase they have an in-born connection to Psionics) as well as hard for others (becuase they are coming to it with out any prior knowledge), everyone learns at different rates, but it is real.

For the sake of shaking away a litte sceptesism, inside of every human being there is a little bit os Psionic energy and really all you are doing is trying to accsess it, learn to control it and then use it for the good of aiding man kind into a brighter tommorrow. Everyone has inside them; Telepathy, Empathy, ESP as well as the ability to manipulate the elements, every person just needs to bring it out.

How can Psionics help me?Edit

Psionics can be a very helpfull tool in many ways. First off it can help you to complete day-to-day tasks much easier. Second, you learn something cool than in the past people would have burned you at the stake for learning (becuase Psionics is considered Modern Magik), and finally you can help the world in a huge fashion, by learning these abilities you can finnally prove that Psionics is a real Science. That is my life goal, to prove it's legitimassy, and finally have Psionics acknowledged as a true Science up there with, Biology, Mathamatics, Chemestry and Physics.