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Group Elemntal Symbol


This is the page for those who are part of Group Elemental

Group LeaderEdit

  • DaPowerofDaMind


  • Vegeta8390
  • TyyGrrLily
  • DerpyChaos
  • DMNZ
  • HydraTamer
  • GothGirl3579
  • Pyrobaby1996
  • Sandprodigy

Group Elemental Help!Edit

For help in any ability that will be a part of this group click HERE

First AssignmentEdit

The first Assignment for everyone is to FULLY MASTER the particular skill you are learning and when and only when you have it mastered then talk your group leader.

DaPowerofDaMind is the Group Leader and is a Mentor if this group.

Icyflame13 is learning Cryokinesis

HydraTamer is learning Aerokinesis

TyyGrrLily is learning Photokinesis

DerpyChaos is learning Hydrokinesis

DMNZ is learning Electrokinesis

GothGirl3579 is learning Umbrakinesis