Electrokinesis is the mental manipulation of electrons and is a part of all other kinetic and psychic abilities to an extent. Psychics use electromagnetic waves, and electricty from the nervous system to use their abilities.

Electricity and Electromagnetic Waves.Edit

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Basically electricity is a physical phenomena that indicates the presence or the flow of an electrical charge. Those charges produce electrical fields (whose main function is modifying the behaviour of other objects within it). An electrical charge is a propriety of some particles, it determines their interactions with other particles depending on these proprieties. For more information : 

Real World Telekinesis (feat

Real World Telekinesis (feat. Neil Turok)

Introduction to Electricity

Introduction to Electricity

How electrokinesis worksEdit

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Meditations on electrokinesisEdit

Med 1 - Clear the mind and visualize your entire body hollow. Start to visualize electricity from outside to flow inside you and electricity from inside to start sparking. Slowly increase the ammount of electricity and make it look like light going berserk everywhere in your body. keep this meditaion for at least five minutes to fifteen minutes

Techniques for developing electrokinesisEdit

tech 1 - put both of your index facing eachother. Hold them a few inches away then visualize static electricty moving from one finger to another. keep this focus and concentrate. think only on the electricity. good luck