• SeekingForTruth

    these pages will be created soon:








    Extrasensory Perception:

    extrasensory perception



    Other Abilities:


    astral projection

    aura seeing


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  • SeekingForTruth

    how would we even pull of a tournament. we all live far away from each other. Also a tournament in combat? Guys none of us are as good as the Xmen and we need to look like an actual, serious group

    i say get rid of the the tournament, for now at least. If we ever establish a headquaters then we could try and pull it off but not now

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  • Torquil

    As i am sure all the ppl here r also on the psi ill just link u to the the blog i made on the psi wiki!

    read that

    so i will be starting the same consept on this wikia 

    bu the TEAM 1: graphics and picture will be handeld by me

    TEAM 2: Grammar and spellings by teleK01

    and TEAM 3 by the group leader and Headmasters

    if u have aby other suggestion plz comment bleow

    ...i will be putting this plan into action soon till just wait and see which group or groups u want to be a part of 


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  • DaPowerofDaMind

    Hi this is my hypothesis concerning whether or not people can learn an ability without practicing. I called it the Experience Hypothesis because If someone is in the theta 8hz range they are in the state for acquiring new information. The information specifically is an experience of it happening willing the user to believe they can do it and enhance their ability. This may need to be done over a few weeks but, they should be able to do at least some of the weakest techniques after using this. The principle that this works on is that if you properly stimulate the right parts of the brain with an imaginary experience, you will be learning that skill.

    for instance pyrokinesis:

    1. Relax and get into a meditative state.

    2. Using headphones, play t…

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  • DaPowerofDaMind

    This is just an announcement to tell all you elemental mentors out there that if you need any help leave it on my message wall. Depending on where you are it may take a while for me to reply due to difference in time. So yeah. Well anyway, bye and remember not to post any questions in the comments because I probably won't check. o.O

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  • ML88


    March 29, 2013 by ML88

    Hello everyone its ML88 here with some exiting news. We are having our first Group leader Tryouts (more of an interview) from Friday March 29th - Monday April 1st anytime you are on when were on (myself and stormmer) we can interview you on chat. For this weekend only, when we need to conduct an inerview we will need you no get off the Psionic Scientists wiki chat for the interview.

    There will be Three tests you have to pass (three questions) and some on the spot questions (up to five) GL and come if you ant to become a group leader!!

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  • ML88

    All right the other assigment that I gave before was to spark a little intrest in the group and to spark your guys learning of the Psionic Sciences. Now that you have it is time to unite Scientists becuase the wiki needs material. This wiki is practically bare. If you are specializing in anything at all of you have any information on any Psionic topic MAKE A PAGE! This wiki needs some pages and you want the edits right?

    All of your pages will be reviewd and you will be graded by the headmasters of the Psionic Scientists. (ML88, stormmer and SeekingForTruth)

    Good Luck and keep on going!!

    -ML88 (headmaster)

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  • DaPowerofDaMind

    This is my progress page about my progress with geokinesis. So yeah.

    Can make the stone move towards my hand, but otherwise it's going a bit slow. Started psychokinesis and energy manipulation to help with the moving. Sand shouldn't be a problem because I'm a natural at hydrokinesis (and as I discovered recently, cryokinesis). More updates coming soon. If anyone has any helpful tips leave them in the comments

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  • Vvbb18

    anl a therory

    March 9, 2013 by Vvbb18

    so i've been able to program a psi ball and i have been able to get it aund a shotput ball weight and i've tryed absorbing it a few times and i was thinking if psionics is the manipulation of engery in drifferent ways do the psi ball every once in a wile is like traing your musules to use it so i therise that that is sort of like lifting a 20lbs dumpbell (i'm pretty stong so use your own weight thresshold for this aniligy) and absorbing the programed psi ball is like going to the gym or so so i intent to resherch this in the next few weeks if it goes as planed i'll post a page and call it "AUGMENTED NATURAL LEARNING" or anl for short

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  • ML88

    Alright, I've been noticing the increased intrest the the Psioic Scientists (happy) and that is really great, but I feel that it is time to drop the hammer on everyone. It's time for a test.

    I'm Testing your dedication to  the Psionic Scientists and to the wiki in general. I only want people in my group who are going to be only in the Psionic Scientists so if you want to stay you must leave every othe group that you are a part of because if you stay in them then your attention is diverted and you won't be able to focus on what I have in store for the loyal Scientists.

    If you want to stay (as was said above) you need to leave all of your other groups and put for me a comment on the bottom of this blog posting telling me you are staying. If yo…

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  • Torquil

    Hi! Just some doubts...

    March 1, 2013 by Torquil

    Hi! to all my fellow wikia members, I m Torquil and i'll be very pleased to hear ur thoughts on this blog. Well a little about myself:

    • I am actually from another wikia which is called One piece wikia and i am an active member there science 4th dec 2012
    • I am currently 15 years old going to become 16 on june 30th.
    • And for those of u who dont know nickname is tortilla
    • I am currently lerning Ergo which is in other words energy manuplation
    • i am a total newbee to this Psionics system and would like to lern a lot from you and help u if in any way i can
    ==Well i came to this site to learn more about Ergo but when i read my first task it required me to do this by myself...i was just wondering that i might not have joined the right group as my sol…

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  • ML88

    The First Assigment

    February 27, 2013 by ML88

    Okay , this is what you have all been waiting for, The First Assignment.

    The first assignment is quite a simple one. The skill that you have regestered yor self to the Psionic Scientists with is the skill you are going to FULLY MASTER!!!

    I want my Scientists to have amazing talents in order to progress to the next level, so the skill that you were regitered with is the one I want to guys to complete all of the training almost to the point where you are developping your own moves and things for that specific Psionic Skill.

    Good Luck and I am open to taliking on this wiki and on the psiwiki.

    PS. Make yourself a page based off of the skill you are using and how your progression towards mastery is going.

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